About Us

About Us

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Yuanhou silk company is located in the west of Liangguang Road in chongwen district. it is the well known Royal garden-then Temple of heaven park opposite, and situated east of beijing oldest Commercial street - Qianmen Big street. There is Only 3 kilometers from Tiananmen Square.

Since the opening of the silk company, we still develop the tourism Industry, and promote silk culture as our own responsibility. yuanhou silk company besies comfortable shopping environment and tasteful decoration, it also offers customers warm service and genuine goods at afair price.

yuanhou silk company scope of business includes silk beddings, Traditional clothing, hand made silk carpet,and silk embroidry,cashmere,gaments etc,it also undertades the processing of clothes according to orders placed by Customers from both at home and over seas,aslo can make the silk quilt on spot,and provides such services as prrchasing on correspondence,mail delivery,and arrangements for generalized preference and shipping.

The purpose of yuanhou silk company is advanced facilities, top grade service, High-puality products and reasonable price. yourpresentce is cordially requested.