PRESS RELEASE - China Silk 2006 Harvest and Wine Making Review

PRESS RELEASE - China Silk 2006 Harvest and Wine Making Review

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DALLAS, Texas, December 4, 2006 - China Silk Imports Inc. review of 2006 Harvest and Winemaking in our Manasi Winery
As Xinjiang climate is usually very dry, this was confirmed in 2006 with the sum of precipitation for the whole year in the Manasi area remaining under 160 mm. This is about 20% below the average yearly rainfalls on our Manasi vineyards as it is usually around 200 mm. During the vines vegetative period especially during blossoming and maturation, rainfalls have been especially low with warm days and cool nights along with temperatures lower than usual as we started picking grapes beginning September 10th.

Grape quality, both for white & red varieties, was excellent during the entire harvest period due to these excellent climatic conditions.

Riesling and Chardonnays reached an optimum maturity level, free of pests or parasites, releasing juices that are well balanced and full of aroma.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah reached good sugar concentration, some batches of grapes even above 235 brix. Red grapes skins and seeds have shown good phenolic ripeness.

Thanks to strict clarification of juices and alcoholic fermentations under low temperature, the young white wines are very aromatic in a various range of fragrances like banana, peach, grape fruit on Riesling and mango and honey on Chardonnays.

After 7-8 days maceration during alcoholic fermentation and after malolactic fermentation which has been achieved, red wines appeared well colored with very good fruit intensity, good structure with soft tannins. Cabernet Sauvignon especially shows very good aromatic typicity of this grape variety.

Xinjiang shows unique climatic conditions for vine growing; the grape picking is usually performed in a short period of time to avoid first snows and deep cold weather which can arrive prior to the beginning of October. This year the weather in autumn has been especially temperate and first snows did not appear before the end of November. Global changes of climate are noticeable nowadays in Central Asia will be an advantage growing and producing of our wines here in Xinjiang.